Cosmic Gypsy Mystic


04.23.2007::11:39 a.m.

I think that people are all wrong about hell. Hell is, you finish filing or routing everything in your "IN" box, then as soon as you turn around, it is full again.

My life is that kind of place right now. I can't seem to get my room clean, or my In box empty (let alone the laundry getting done). AND, I can't seem to concentrate on getting my school reading done with everything akimbo. Excuses, excuses, huh?

And some self sabotaging aspect of me is not getting my bills paid. Or exercise done.

I *did* after too many years, finally do some rust fixing work on my car.

The up note is that with as much as a failure as I can be, I am still loved. Zuzu took me and CW to High Tea at the Ritz the other day, and it totally rocked. We even gave some of our left-over pastries to our neighbor, can you believe it? I was so satisfied with the experience that I might even do it again!

The dining room is painted and the medical supply place is picking up the hospital bed and the wheelchair today!!!! Next, I get my room back, which CW had been using recently as her office space as it can hold a wheelchair at the desk. My room. Back. MINE.

School is three weeks over, and frankly, I'm glad. I'll have to begin looking for places to volunteer to get a foot in the door (ouch!) for my eventual internship somewhere. Never do I get to rest. Alaska, awaits come July, thank the gods and goddesses.